Soudal SMX polymer leading the way

Date Posted:1 August 2017 

For decades, polyurethane adhesives and sealants have lead the Australian market in sales, however we are seeing rapid growth in the market share of MS hybrid polymer technology.​

What are MS polymers?

Modified silyl polymers were invented in Japan in 1978 by the Kaneka Corporation. MS polymer adhesives and sealants are engineered to combine the strength of polyurethane with the weather resistance and flexibility of silicone. Unlink polyurethane based products, MS polymers are free of solvents and isocyanates offering an environmentally friendly solution which is safe for the applicator.​

Soudal SMX polymer - the market leader

The Soudal company was and early adopter of MS polymers, for 30 years they have been working with MS polymer technology and through endless hours of research and development Soudal’s SMX polymer was born. SMX polymer boasts significant advancements over traditional MS polymers including; increased tensile and shear strengths, increased elastic modulus and increased UV stability. Soudal utilizes their SMX polymer in a vast range of products for all applications in the construction industry including; joint sealing, elastic bonding, timber flooring, glazing and expansion foams.


Benefits of Soudal SMX polymer




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